Pilot Season: Daredevil

This week on Pilot Season we ask how you can see into our eyes like open doors with Daredevil.


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Also up for discussion:

  • Daredevil is not Deadpool
  • Alan’s superpower
  • WWE Smackdown is the nexus of multiverses
  • Confessional Therapy
  • A gritty reimagining of Cake Boss
  • Last of the Summer Wine references
  • Matt Murdock should leave women alone
  • Speculation on the big bad of the series
  • Leland Owlsley aka The Owl
  • Superhero precincts
  • Bruce Springsteen - New Jersey’s Mightiest Hero
  • Punching dragons in the heart
  • Wilbur Day aka Stilt Man
  • The probable cause of Frank Miller’s misogyny
  • Nerdvice’s open call for submissions

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