Nerd Vice Is Seeking New Contributors!

Ever wanted to write for a website? Maybe you have a podcast, comic or video series that you’d like to share with more people? Well, we have some news for you:

From February 15th through March 31st, Nerd Vice will be accepting applications!

What are we looking for? People who can create content on a regular basis!

  • Writers
  • Comic Artists
  • Video Producers
  • Podcasters

Have something else in mind? Pitch it to us, and we’ll let you know what we think!

Your application should include your name, contact information, a brief pitch of the kind of stuff you plan to publish on NV, and an example of your best work. If you’re sending a video or a podcast, please remember that we will be going through many submissions, so please keep your demo to a reasonable length.

Please note that Nerd Vice runs on a volunteer basis. It’s a labor of love and a great place to have your work shown alongside other content producers.

If you previously applied, you will need to reapply. We’ll do our best to respond to everyone by mid-May; however, response time will depend on the number of applications received. There’s no telling how many people we’ll add to the roster, so take your best shot!

Questions can be directed to @gookygox and

Click here for application form.

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