Pilot Season: Veronica Mars

This week we dive into the introduction to the teen-noir world of Veronica Mars. Fanboy over Darran Norris and one of us bemoans the terrible third season of this great show.

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  • Alan hurt himself.
  • New microphones.
  • Tumblr Interludes.
  • General gushing about how good Veronica Mars was.
  • General gushing about Darran Norris and his many talents.
  • How much more successful the Kane Software is than YouTube.
  • Codecs and super fast uploads.
  • TS Eliot references and shilling for this
  • Fake ads.
  • Hotel room towels placement.
  • Alan dies.
  • Guessing what video we filmed the day of the Veronica Mars kickstarter.
  • Humanities Greatest Achievement
  • Far too many references to Eagles songs.
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