Pilot Season: Joey

After a battle with carpal tunnel syndrome it’s the new episode of Pilot Season. This week we’ve packed up and moved to LA for Joey.

Also up for discussion:

  • An embargo on the alleged Star Trek series Voyager
  • Alan goes almost 45 seconds into a sci-fi discussion before mentioning Battlestar Galactica
  • An update on the Black Eyed Peas
  • Patrick fails an audition
  • Frasier was Joey first and did it better
  • Joey’s viewing figures were a roller-coaster that only went down
  • Patrick’s email campaign to RTÉ
  • Are spin-offs even successful these days?
  • Post Friends careers
  • Patrick gets a pick me up
  • Alan is very wrong about James Michael Tyler’s residuals.
  • Who owns Central Perk?

Hosts: Patrick Brogan & Alan Beirne
Executive Procrastinator: Alan Beirne

The dedication to Joey Ramone remains strong.

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