Pilot Season: K9 and Company

This week’s episode has been edited by Alan so you know who to blame for any mistakes, Patrick - for putting him in a place of responsibility.

It’s K9 & Company, the 1980s attempt to launch a Doctor Who spin off.

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Topics discussed include but are not limited to:

  • 1980’s Charity Single Doctor in Distress
  • The pronuncation of pagan gods names
  • Life before Facebook
  • Rotary Phones
  • The Demon Headmaster
  • 70s Swingers in the 80s
  • Kidnapping for witchcraft reasons
  • Dedications to Joey Ramone
  • Patrick’s bass career in Convenient Heart Attack
  • Ordnance Survey Maps
  • Colour coding your sexual history
  • How to pad out an episode to fifty minutes
  • Alan’s strong mystery opinions
  • Shout out to our listener
  • An explanation as to why the podcast was late last week
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