Pilot Season: Lookwell

Adam West plays Ty Lookwell an actor who may not be a detective, but he played one on TV! And that makes him more than qualified to solve crimes… Or so he thinks.

Theme: Hustle by Kevin McLeod (http://incompetech.com)

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The Unemployed Historian - The Confederate Flag


1. Heat Vision and Jack
2. The Coltons
3. The Cage
4. Payne
5. Tag Team
6. Lookwell
7. J Digger Doyle
8. Pryde of the X-Men
9. The Adventures of Superpup
10. Dr Strange
11. Couple (UK)
12. Red Dwarf
13. Clarissa Now
14. IT Crowd (US)
15. Clerks (Live Action)
16. Shotgun Saturday Night
17. XWF
18. WSX
19. KTMA MST3k
20. JLA (1997)
21. Darkman
22. Poochinski
23. Days Like These (That 70s Show)
24. Heil Honey I’m Home.

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