Pilot Season: The Justice League of America

Imagine if Friends was about Superheroes and instead of jokes they had documentary style in character interviews. If you can picture that you’ve got an idea about what this is.

Theme: Hustle by Kevin McLeod (http://incompetech.com)

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Nash and Linkara look at the longer version of the JLA pilot.


  1. Heat Vision and Jack
  2. “The Cage” - Star Trek
  3. Tag Team
  4. Pryde of the X-Men
  5. Clarissa Now
  6. IT Crowd (US)
  7. Shotgun Saturday Night
  8. XWF
  9. Wrestling Society X
  10. KTMA MST3k
  11. The Justice League of America
  12. Darkman
  13. Poochinski
  14. Heil Honey I’m Home.
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