RT Gomer Productions Podcast Roundup! (Week of 8/8/2014)

In a somehow amazing turn of events, both shows this week somehow feature Satanists, as well as discussions of Tumblr, religion, triggerkin, self-immolating arsonists, and the always heavy topic of abortion!

Thespian Talk - Episode 109 (Satanic Trolling!)

Gomer and Cat are joined by Jess Kitrick as they discuss the Satanic Temple’s response to the Hobby Lobby ruling, a diner in North Carolina that offers a discount for an unexpected action, and the best way to troll someone ever!

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Constructive Deconstruction - Episode 27 (What Even Is Tumblr)

This week, the trio discuss a series of five Tumblr bios and wonder if any of them are serious or taking the piss. With bonus Satanic trolling!

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