RT Gomer Productions Podcast Roundup (Week of 7/18/2014)

General Hospital tosses around feels and lampshade hanging, while special guest Axiom joins Gomer to discuss the usual news insanity, DashCon, and Clara Bow!

Thespian Talk - Episode 106 (Clara Bow in the Ball Pit!)

Axiom sits in with Gomer this week and talks about how Indiana Governor Mike Pence tries to make his workers deny reality, people who pollute the environment out of spite, Ted Cruz’s crusade to clear public lands for big companies, a police officer with a vore fetish, a Virginia police department who try to gather evidence in the complete wrong way! But what where does Clara Bow fit in and what’s this about a ball pit? Tune in and find out!

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The Port Charlie Podcast - Episode 42 (Nine Days of Notes!)

Discussed this week: Carly and Franco fight and make up, Ava tries to get the best of Sonny, Lulu gets the results of her procedure back, Lucas gets caught in a love triangle, Maxie and Nathan bond while Levi sits in jail (and is subsequently deported), the Quartermaines fear for the life of one of their own, and tragedy strikes Silas’s life. All this and more!

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