RT Gomer Productions Roundup - Week of 7/4/2014

Only two new episodes this week, but what we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality!


Thespian Talk - Episode 105 (Truck School)

Gomer and Omega discuss the ongoing battle for same-sex marriage in Indiana, lots of random topics, lesbian psychic powers, John Boehner’s latest boner, ways to improve both America’s health care and education, and a judge who doesn’t understand that all jobs are real jobs and more!

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The Port Charlie Podcast - Episode 41 (What is Levi’s Endgame?)

Discussed this week: Gomer and Namio question Levi’s endgame, Franco threatens Sonny, Sam and Patrick get closer to finding out who drove the car that ran him off the road, Michael nearly catches Tracy in her schemes, Kiki and Morgan bond, Obrecht devises a plan to help Britt win back Nikolas, and more!

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Reviewer of retro games and "Theater Movies" (no, it's not a contradiction), currently running a very infamous Pokémon hack Let's Play series, host of Thespian Talk, The Port Charlie Podcast, and Constructive Deconstruction, and boyfriend of an award winning animator!