UH: The Insert Witty Name Show Ep. 8 ‘The Unemployed Geographer’

This week we look a Ireland’s favorite 25 year old Turkey. He’s presented television, he’s released albums and he’s performed at the 2008 Eurovision song contest. We talk about the musical output of one Dustin The Turkey.

Pictured: The Talking Dustin
Show Notes:

Diamanda Hagan - Special Review Gabriel Over The Whitehouse
Dustin The Turkey and Bob Geldof - Rat Trap

Dustin The Turkey and Ronnie Drew - The Spanish Lady

Dustin The Turkey and Joe Dolan - Good Looking Woman

Dustin The Turkey - Irelade Douze Pointe

Dustin The Turkey - I’ve Never Been To Meath

Dustin The Turkey - Bull Island

Dustin The Turkey - Christmas Tree

Jedward - Lipstick

Joe Dolan - The Universal

Fool’s Garden - Lemon Tree

Damien Dempsey saves men from drowning

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