RT Gomer Productions Podcast Roundup (Week of 6/27/2014)

Crazy eyed characters, drunks who tragically cannot gun properly, writers who think marriage is magical, Japan takes a step in the right direction, and more in this week’s podcast roundup!

Thespian Talk - Episode 104 (How Did You Hide THAT There?!)

Gomer and Cat discuss such charming news stories, such as a man who picked up his gun the wrong way (with tragic results), an Arkansas mayor who
believes the First Amendment doesn’t apply to pagans, Japan’s new law about child pornography, and a meth head who took lessons from Jack
Harkness! All this and more!

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The Port Charlie Podcast - Episode 40 (Crazy Eyes)

Discussed this week: Nina’s got more up her non-sleeves than Silas realizes, Michael helps his brother get a job AND a place to live, Ava
continues to taunt Sonny and Carly, Josslyn makes her distaste of Franco well known, a verdict is reached in Maxie’s custody case, and more!

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Constructive Deconstruction - Episode 25 (Lesbian Psychic Powers Activate!)

This week, the trio half-wings things with an article about a recent Washington Post op-ed that helped inspire this week’s title, as well as 20
reasons why one article writer thinks we wouldn’t want to live in a liberal controlled America!

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