RT Gomer Productions Podcast Roundup (Week of 5/23/2014)

This week, we have a retrospective, a Buzzfeed list, and discussions about the General Hospital Nurses’ Ball!

Thespian Talk - Episode 100 (100th Episode Retrospective)

Gomer is joined by Holly Christine and The Omega to give a retrospective of the entire show! Here’s to 100 more episodes!

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Constructive Deconstruction - Episode 23 (Tampopsicles?!)

Gomer and the gang take a breather from the usual heavier stories and discuss Buzzfeed’s list of 38 Yahoo Answers Questions That Will Make You Lose Faith in Humanity!

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The Port Charlie Podcast - Episode 36 (Nurses’ Ball 2014)

Discussed this week: Besides the fabulous and awesome NURSES’ BALL, Ned pulls Michael and Kiki into a plan to stop “Luke” from damaging ELQ, an Internet meme lightens what’s supposed to be a serious moment, Julian decides to walk from the mob, and Anna gets a great source of intel on the Jeromes’ drug operation from Duke.

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