Comic Book Review 22 - Black Widow #3

This week, we check into the House Of Ideas to catch up with everyone’s favorite femme fatale, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, ex-KGB assassin, and Avenger, Natasha Romanov A.K.A. the Black Widow, and the third issue of her new solo ongoing series.

Black Widow #3 is a $3.99 comic book, published by Marvel Comics, rated T+, and originally released on January 8, 2014. Black Widow #3 was written by Nathan Edmonson, featuring a cover and interior art by Phil Noto, and letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles, and variant covers by J.G. Jones.

J.G. Jones variant

The story opens with our heroine departing her home away from the Avengers, in the Little Ukraine neighborhood of New York City. Black Widow runs into her neighbor, Ana, who is getting a minute away from her abusive husband. Before leaving to catch her flight, Widow tells her to leave the bum… again. The following page we’re with Natasha on a mission in Argentina, where she is being paid to break out a man named Angelo, who has been wrongly imprisoned. The plan is to escape the prison and flee through the jungle, then meet up with Angelo’s friend, Vincente, who is supposed to pick them up in a helicopter from a nearby hilltop. The plan is simple enough, but things get complicated when the prison guards are right on their tails, so Natasha sends Angelo ahead while she stops the guards pursuing them. Her jungle survival skills are on full display, taming man and beast alike, as Natasha shows just why she is one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most elite agents.  All is going according to plan, more or less, until our heroine discovers something she previously didn’t pick up on that changes everything. Needless to say, the mission goes south from there, and Natasha makes the only choice she can think of to make things right. After the completion of the mission, we get to see a bit of how Black Widow’s other commitments intersect with her personal activities, when she gets a surprise meeting with S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill. While stopping back at her apartment before taking up her new assignment from Maria Hill, she does a little “housecleaning” on that bum I mentioned earlier. All in a day’s work for Agent Romanov A.K.A. the Black Widow!

Page 9

Page 4

On to the art department! Phil Noto, whose work I’m familiar with from X-23’s ongoing series, handles the art here wonderfully, while also doing his own colors. Through much of the issue he applies his colors straight to his pencils, without inking the pages, and it gives the art an esthetic not found in traditionally inked pages. The color work has a very hand painted feel that gives the impression one might get from art painted with watercolors. Noto’s line work is slightly minimal due to the fact he adds much of the depth to his art with the definition he brings with his painted colors. His figures are striking and I love the way he draws faces.

 The overall concept of the book is, Black Widow taking trying to atone for her past actions and inequities by taking missions to fund her “web” and various trusts for innocents she has inadvertently harmed while doing her work. Through three issues, the series has been episodic with each issue being a single mission and, more or less, self contained story. It’s really cool and somewhat retro, and it also fits the lead character and the sort of mission specific stories they’ve done so far. I really like the direction of this series and hope they keep it going in the same vein.

I give Black Widow #3 3 Long-boxes out of 4.

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