Comic Book Review 21 - Furious #1

Welcome back to my little corner of Nerd Vice, comic geeks! I know it’s been awhile, and I’ve missed you all! This week we’ll be checking out a new offering from The Year Of The Horse and digging into the first issue of the brand new series, FURIOUS! Fasten your seat belts, this one may get bumpy.

Furious #1 is a $3.99 comic book published by Dark Horse Comics and originally released on January 29, 2014. Furious #1 is written by Bryan J. L. Glass, with art by Victor Santos, letters by Nate Piekos of Blambot, and features a cover by Victor Santos.

Furious #1 was a really good read. Bryan J. L. Glass has done himself no disservice in the kickoff issue for a brand new superheroine, Furious, whose actual superhero name is “The Beacon”, more on that later. Furious is compelling and grabs our attention right from the start. She is clearly conflicted and never seems completely sure if what she’s doing is the right or smart thing. Her desire to help is matched only by how badly she wants and seeks redemption. For a girl who happens to be a superhero that can fly and walk away from getting hit by a truck, she has self loathing down to an absolute science, for reasons that still have yet to be revealed. It doesn’t help that she’s not exactly a media darling, being dubbed by her not so adoring public as “Furious”, due to the heinous beatdowns she has dished out to two bit thugs. She also just might be a rageaholic, which you may have guessed by her unwelcomed nickname. On a writing style note, I’d like to mention how well Glass employs the thought/caption boxes to really open up the narrative. Getting to read the inner monologue of the main character is certainly nothing new in modern comics, but it is a device that Glass uses quite effectively with Furious, and he lets us in on her most intimate thoughts throughout. The issue ends on a surprise reveal you will have to read to see and believe for yourself.

On to the art section! I loved Victor Santos’s art in this issue. There were so many things that I liked and felt he did extremely well. The art in this comic made me feel, and that is one of the highest compliments I can give any art. The overall style had a feel of being both old school and very modern at the same time, if that’s possible. The action is big and bold and all up in your face! The look is vibrant, but moody where it needs to be. I enjoyed the way he utilized the heavy inks and black, along with shadows, that all blended together at times for some really cool visuals and panels, particularly during the car chase scenes at night. Bottom line, Furious is just plain fun to look at.

To wrap things up, I think Furious #1 is a great comic book and a worthy launch for a complex and kickass heroine. After previous work together on “Mice Templar”, Bryan J. L. Glass and Victor Santos reunite in a big way with this new Dark Horse series. Furious is one creator-owned book to watch.

I give Furious #1 3.5 Long-boxes out of four.

All images are property of Bryan J. L. Glass and Victor Santos.

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