Punky’s Movie Experiment: Nebraska

While Punky waits for the Nigerian Prince to transfer his inheritance to her account, she  takes a look at this Oscar nominated gem.


Well, this time I decided to take a look at an Oscar nominated film because one, the poster looks very artsy, and two, because why not? So lets get this party started.
This story is about Woody (played by Bruce Derm), an elderly man who received a letter in the mail stating that he’s won a million dollars. His son David (Will Forte ), tries to explain that it is just a scam to get him to register for a magazine, however, Woody remains convinced that he has won, and needs to go to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect his prize. David to tries to stop his father from taking a bus alone to Nebraska, and agrees to take him to find his “prize”. In the meantime, they decide to stop at Woody’s hometown to visit family and friends. When the town learns that Woody has won a million dollars, many of the towns people attempt to use Woody’s innocence to get some money for themselves. Is there really a million dollars waiting in Nebraska? You will have to see it to find out.


Thoughts: I love watching movies without knowing anything about them because those are the ones always surprise me. First of all, the film is in black and white, something not seen very often these days, especially if the film is not a current era film. According to the director, he wanted to have an iconic and archetypal appearance to the landscape as an essential part of the plot. In truth, the black and white has somewhat poetic elements that give a very different tone to the film.

The main characters are extremely friendly and very nice to see. Woody is such a typical senile grandfather, falling for any competition that comes in the mail. He reminded me of my grandfather for his warm and quiet gaze, but also because he used to fill out a lot of mailing contests all the time. Contrary to Woody is his wife Kate (June Squibb), who is very controlling, talkative and says what she feels, no matter what others think, which is exactly like my grandmother. David tries to take control of the situation, but as he is more passive than his father, he eventually agrees to go with Woody just to not cause any more drama or conflict. Even Kate, who might tend to be a whiner, is a likeable character and it gives balance to Woody.

I really liked simplicity and the warmth of the script. It has been a long time since I saw a movie that made me so calm and made me laugh. It has many elements that gave me nostalgic feelings and it melted my heart. In short, it is a very good film for those days that you just want to relax, and feel good.

Would you recommend this movie?:  Sure, if you like feel good movies and seeing old people acting like old people then this movie is for you.

Thumbs up or down?: I’m going with 2 up, but only because I got an email from a lawyer telling me to give it thumbs and my bank number so he can send me the Prince of Persia’s fortune. I don’t know why I’m sharing this information with all of you.

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