Frothy Pint of Metal ft. Diamanda Hagan - Sigh (Part 1)

Viking teams up with Hagan and, together, they review weird Japanese music that frightens the hell out of people. But it’s basically the greatest thing you’ll ever hear. I promise!

HappyViking (19 Posts)

A childish and somewhat-insane warrior from the 9th century, HappyViking is a man who has dedicated himself to winning at life and, to help people like yourself do the same, he reviews the most winning-est music ever: HEAVY METAL. Heavy metal makes people better at everything, up to (and including) sex, fighting, monster-trucking, and barbequing ribs on a burning corpse pile. All very worthwhile and educational activities. And to foster and bolster your skills at being rad at everything, HappyViking works to provide you with the coolest soundtrack that could possibly accompany you. Rock on and drink responsibly!