Punky’s Movie Experiment: Runner Runner

I went to see this movie knowing only that it was filmed in Puerto Rico, which I knew thanks to all the banners and ads that i’ve seen on the streets. Naturally I was excited to see it just for the fact that I might see familiar faces and places, plus that inner pride that it was filmed here. However, the plot is situated mostly in Costa Rica, which is ok since it’s not the first time and it’s not a big problem at all.

Now it’s time to talk about the plot.A Princeton student named Richie Furst (played by Justin Timberlake), decides to play online poker in order to pay for his studies. While looking for new players on campus, which he receives a commission for every new player, he gets busted. The Dean discovers his job and threatens to expel him from the school. Richie decides to gamble all his money, only to lose everything in a trap set by another player. He decides from there to go directly to Costa Rica to face the site owner, Ivan Block (played by Ben Affleck) for the return of the money.What is not expected is that Ivan decides to invite him to work with him, instead. Richie soon discovers the mafia is in control, and how deep the corruption is spread. He soon has the FBI and the mafia on his tail, and has to devise a way out of the mess he’s gotten into.

Thoughts: I think this film has a story that’s a little weak, and it didn’t really catch my attention. At times I felt I was watching a movie made by newbies trying to find a way to make the plot more interesting. It can be very tedious and they often try too hard to keep your attention, which results in losing it. The beauty of the island is very well captured, and you can show just about any Puerto Rican person locations in the film, and they will know where it was shot. That became my game during the movie and the only thing that kept me awake.The performances were almost cartoonish, especially Timberlake. When he tried to act surprised or shocked by certain events, it came off as forced. The ‘very best’ was Affleck who seemed like he was making an effort to look good in his role, but he’s still Daredevil in my eyes. Anyway, I think what ruined the film was the story. A few moments looked solid, but then something would happen that was completely cliche. If you just want to see emerging landscapes of Puerto Rico,there are better films in Puerto Rican theaters now. Or even better, come visit the Island and see for yourself.

Would I recommend this movie?: Unless you’re bored and there’s nothing else to watch, or if it’s the only film available at Redbox.

Thumbs Up or Down: Let me think… yeah, 2 thumbs down for making a very generic movie.
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