Vira’s Top 3 Favorite Episodes of Renegade Cut

A big “Happy Birthday!” to my beloved husband, Leon Thomas. If you have yet to check out Renegade Cut, I ask that you give it a shot today. The best gift we could give my husband is a new member of his audience. If you’re already a fan, please give your favorite episode a view and share it with friends. Thank you all for making this community we’re in so special.

Now! Onto my personal favorite three episodes of Renegade Cut.


  • A Beautiful Dream - Can this fan theory about A Nightmare on Elm Street make the series even better?


  • The 10 Most Insane Direction Decisions by Stanley Kubrick - Leon Thomas presents the work of a madman.


  • Death and Toy Story  - Leon Thomas ponders the existential themes in the Toy Story trilogy and makes the case that the main characters should have died.


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