Punky’s Movie Experiment Vintage- The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

Punky Note: I feel like I neglected everyone by not posting a review in so long. Lots of stuff happening right now, so to keep you entertain and with something to read from yours truly, here’s an old review with some new notes, kinda like a commentary with other facts that I found about this film. Hope you enjoy! 

 Suggested by: Daffy

I don’t know where to start… First, I’m a Disney’s Little Mermaid fan since I was little so when I heard there was a sequel, I wanted it to watch it but never did. Until today. The movie is set after the first movie where Ariel and Prince Eric had a daughter named Melody. For some reason Ursula’s sister also wants King Triton’s trident so she tries to kidnap baby Melody, which she failed. Since Ariel and Eric want to protect Melody, they decided to not tell her where Ariel is from and forget the whole Mermaid thing… the rest of the story is exactly the same as the first one, only that Melody wants to be a mermaid. In other words, karma’s a bitch Ariel, you made your father’s life hell so your daughter is doing the same to you.

Thoughts: It’s bad, REAL bad! I will only mention just a few of the things that make this so awful:

One: Why Ursula never mentioned her sister in the first one?? They could easily use one of the villains in the TV series and make it more interesting. Morgana (Ursula’s sister) objective is to have the trident so she can at last beat her almost perfect sister. Did she forgot that her sister DIED trying to accomplish this? She’s exactly like Ursula but thinner, that’s the only difference.

Also since Ursula died, there’s no need to try to impress her since yeah, she’s dead. Morgana is not that bad of a character but she was pushed so hard by the writers as a big and scary villain that it feels so cheap.  I remember the TV show having some really good villains, even if the show is set before the events of the first film, i’m sure they could make it work. For example Evil Manta who was voiced by Tim Curry, he was mean, menacing and voiced by Tim Curry. There’s nothing else I can say about it.

Two: the writers of this movie need a fraking map! Nobody knows where in the World is this set in, but Melody swims all the way to some Antarctic place really fast. She goes from a tropical beach to Icebergs, penguins and Walrus without ever explaining how she got there. Also the comic relief of this movie Tip and Dash (a penguin and a walrus) reminds me of Pumbaa and Timon from The Lion King, but they’re not even funny.

Did I mention they’re really annoying? Also, it is confirmed that Tip and Dash were inspired by Pumbaa and Timon. Even the actor who plays Tip (the penguin) is Max Casella who played Timon in the Broadway production of The Lion King. The thing of this movie is that they tried so hard to be a sequel and be as funny and clever as the first one that it falls into the fail category. I remember watching this part and regretting letting people chose what movies I have to watch. Of course after this one I got to watch way worse movies but as a second review, it was pretty bad. 

Three: The only character that looks older than in the first movie is Flounder (They made him fat and with a bunch of kids). Eric and Ariel even have the same clothes as the first movie, the only thing that make Ariel look different is when she’s human her hair is in a bun, that’s it. If Melody is 12 years old, let’s say this movie is set a year later from the first one, so 13 years later they don’t even have a gray hair! Unless they have Dr. Sean McNamara and Christian Troy as their BFF, the only explanation for this is lazy art Direction.

I remember people commenting about this part of the review about Ariel being 16 in the first movie and they’re right. But in 13 years she didn’t even change her clothes and it’s not like she’s poor, she’s a princess! On a side note, I had to google who Sean McNamara and Christian Troy were because I completely forgot about Nip/Tuck. To be fair, I only watched one season and I wasn’t that impressed, mostly it grossed me out. 

Anyway, this is a straight to DVD movie so you can’t expect a masterpiece. It was nice that they wanted to make Ariel the first princess with a daughter and the conflict is not that bad, but I think they could have done better than this.  

Would I recommend this movie? If I don’t really like you, sure.

Thumbs up or down? Down to the bottom of the Sea. Hehe, I like how clever I was back in the day.  

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