Punky’s Movie Experiment: Run Fatboy Run


Suggested by: @Pango5K


Well the holiday season is over, meaning that lots of people will attempt to lose all the weight they had gained from eating delicious foods and drinking lots of alcohol. So I thought this would be a good movie to watch, even thought it has nothing to do with the Holidays


The main character, Dennis (Played by Simon Pegg), is getting married to his very pregnant fiancé, Libby (Played by Thandie Newtown), but he freaks out and runs away on the day of the wedding. Five years have passed, and Dennis is trying too hard to get back with Libby, and also to be closer with their son Jake. Sadly, Libby has a new love in her life named Whit (Played by Hank Azaria): a very successful man that also runs in marathons for charity. So when Dennis finds out about Whit and his athletic prowess, he decides to also run in the marathon, to compete with Whit. The problem is that the only way to do it is by representing the National Erectile Dysfunction Awareness Association. Of course he says yes. With the help of his best friend Gordon (played by Dylan Moran), who is also Libby’s Cousin, and his landlord Mr. Ghoshdastidar (played by Harish Patel), who will help him train while wearing the sexiest jogging pants ever. Plus the always necessary training montage. Now… will Libby chose Dennis, a security guard, or Whit, a  rich guy with buns of steel?

I’m sweating just by looking at this picture.


Thoughts: It was alright, sometimes it was a little bit slow (which is hilariously ironic), but there were parts that really made it for me. For example, the marathon scenes were really good, so the slow parts were all just parts that formed a slow build-up to the big finale. What I can say is that it has a strong message of breaking all those internal walls that stop you from achieving your dreams; sometimes we are the biggest obstacle in our path, and the only thing we can do is break out. Still, if the pacing was a little bit faster this movie would’ve been a little bit better. The training montage was very fun until it ends.

Now the characters Dennis, Gordon and the landlord as a trio were great and goofy sometimes. But when you split them, they’re only alright. It’s not that they’re not that interesting when they’re not together, it’s that I’ve seen characters like this before, and was unimpressed as a result. I think Whit was great: he was charming and “douchie” at the same time, and I think Hank Azaria did a great job with that combination. He was not an over-the-top character, and at first he even seems like a very nice guy… but that changes pretty fast. The least interesting character was Libby, who is the love interest. You think she’ll be funny at least, but no, she’s just there being the trophy and nothing else. Some times I didn’t know if I was supposed to feel angry at her, or any feel any emotion at all about her. You can erase her from the plot and it wouldn’t matter that much. There’s nothing else I can say about the movie, but I can show you this:


Dat Ass


Would I recommend this movie?: Hmm, maybe. It’s a very laid-back movie with a couple of funny moments. I’ll say watch it just for the ending and the training montage.


Thumbs up or Down: Just one Thumb up and a pair of super short jogging pants. (Ok i’ll stop now)


Now run and write me a movie suggestion for me to watch in the comments. Go now and challenge me!

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