Punky’s Movie Experiment Quickie: Warm Bodies

Just got home from watching this, and as soon as the credits rolled, my brain said “You gotta review this.” I learned about this movie last night, and today I learned that it’s an adaptation. Yes, yes, I should be ashamed of myself or something, but I think this is probably better, since I didn’t feel the urge to read the book before watching the movie (Most of the time I end up hating the movie). Now for those of you who are as lost as I was, let me enlighten you (without spoiling it).

This is a zombie film about a zombie called “R” (played by Nicholas Hoult). He is really bored of the zombie life, and he has a zombie friend named M (played by Rob Corddry) who moans & grunts, and who R sometimes *kinda* has a conversation with. Alas, R still feels like he needs something more than that. Until, one day, he meets a human named Julie (played by Teresa Palmer) that he takes hostage and feels an strange attraction to. She learns that he’s no ordinary zombie when he saves her a couple of times, even trying to communicate with her instead of grumbling like any other of the living dead. Little by little, R starts to change because he has feelings for Julie, while she becomes attached to him. Now her objective is to go home and demonstrate to her father, John Malkovich (I don’t remember the characters name, but heck it’s John Malkovich, you get the idea 😀 -Ed’s Note: It’s Grigio-), that Zombies can actually change with a crazy little thing called love. Also there’s another zombie species called the “Bonies” (not to be confused by Bronies) who are scarier and more violent that zombies because they’re faster and can hear peoples’ heartbeats. That’s all I’m saying because, yeah, no spoilers.


Thoughts: My first impressions when I saw the trailer were that it gave off a Twilight vibe, mainly the “dead guy fells in love with the human girl” thing, but funnier, and with more interesting characters & an interesting story. Yep, I was kinda right, and I loved it. Yes, this is also Romeo and Juliet with Zombies… which is pretty nice too. I went to see it with 2 zombie movie haters, and for a moment I thought it was a bad idea. In the end, however, it was not, because both of them loved it due to its comedic qualities and the romantic aspects, which makes even the nastiness of zombies disappear.


There’s so many zombie movies out there but this is the first one that I know of that there’s a zombie perspective on things, and I actually found myself rooting for the zombies. Having R do the narration was pretty funny and entertaining, and I liked how eating brains is like a drug that transfers the victim’s memories into the eater. There were a couple of plot holes, but it didn’t really bother me too much. The chemistry between the two main characters was almost hypnotizing because of how cute and fun it was: R, who doesn’t talk that much, could express more emotion than any Twilight character ever did. Now that I think about it, it reminded me of Twilight when I saw the trailer because it’s a teen movie. However, because the plot is interesting and fun, it’ll attract even more adult audiences. This is a comedy, but it has a lot of drama too, so don’t expect to be laughing for an hour and a half. You will laugh, but not as much as you may think going in to it, which is not bad, because I sometimes get tired of even laughter.


Would I recommend this?: This movie has cute Zombies! Of course I would. It’s a very nice date movie to see for Valentines Day (which is next Thursday, by the way)


Thumbs up or Down: Braaaaaaaaaaainssssssssup!


If you wanna send me a movie suggestion(s) be my guest! Just write it in the comment section, and I’ll make sure to add it to my list. Also if you’ve seen this movie already, please let me know what you think!



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