Punky’s Movie Experiment: Gone with the Wind

Since this is my first post on Nerd Vice, let me introduce myself; I’m Punky, I’m a Sagittarius and I’m in love with films since I was a tiny sprite in the 80s. Now for those of you who are new to the Movie Experiment, the rules are very simple: recommend a film to me. It can be from any genre, year, country or language. I’ll watch it and do a review, which will be as spoiler-free as possible. Of course I’ll give you credit for the recommendation and maybe give you a cyber hug. Or some blackmailing! Now that you know the rules, it’s time for the review! 


Suggested by: Vira Gunn


This is pretty embarrassing for someone that studies film, but this is the first time that I have seen this film. To be fair, I watched a couple of clips, so it’s not as if I didn’t know anything about the movie. Heck, I remember seeing that poster on a fast-food restaurant, thinking “that looks cool.” This is a 1939 movie based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell. Set in 19th Century America, it retells the story of the Civil War, but from the Southern point of view. The main character Scarlet O’Hara, played by Vivien Leigh, is a wealthy girl who’s in love with a guy called Ashley, who is played by Leslie Howard. Ashley is going to marry his cousin Melanie. Since Scarlet wants him to change his mind she declares her love for him. He says no, and as a result she agrees to marry a guy destined to be in the “Friend Zone.” Now while all these love things are happening, the Civil War is about to begin, so she she agrees to marry him, and he and Ashley leave to war. There’s another man: the wealthy & charming Rhett Butler (who you’ve seen in every poster for the movie), who likes Scarlet but she’s not interest because her obsession for Ashley is too much for her to notice him. Her husband died while away, which she doesn’t care that much about, and her mother decides to send her to Atlanta to try to make her feel better. She has an ulterior for going: she’s actually going to wait there for Ashley and try to win his heart.

The face of a mourning widow who just happens to not care at all.


Then more war happens, with more “Scarlet trying to convince Ashley to be with her, if not then she marries a sad individual,” then the North wins leaving her broke, with what’s left of her family starving. She has to forget about her obsession for a little bit and take care of her family. Lots of other things happened, mainly a couple of people falling from their horses and dying instantly, and Scarlet once again is a widow. Rhett convinces her to marry him, Scarlet gives birth and more stuff happens that I’m not gonna explain because I want you to watch the movie. >:)


Thoughts: This movie is almost 4 hours long, but luckily for us it has a 15 minutes intermission were you can pee, watch cute videos on YouTube and get nachos with cheese… or you can just stare at the screen for 15 minutes. Now for a film this long, it was very entertaining, and I’m the kind of person that if a movie doesn’t capture me, I could easily find something else to do while the movie is playing in the background. Being this long gave the writers time to develop the characters even more, giving you more reasons to like or hate them.


Now let’s talk about the characters. Scarlet is not only an ambitious, tough and manipulative bitch, she’s also as bad-ass as Steven Seagal, and a hard-worker and the protector of her family. But before all that she was just a whiny bitch… I like the bad-ass way better. Of course she mourns for her dead husbands as if her goldfish had just died: she just goes to the pet shop and gets another one with more money than the first one. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like her: in fact I do. She’s very likeable for a person that I would love to kill her off in any other movie. My second favorite character is Rhett Butler. He’s no Tom Hiddleston, but that man has more charm than a Pandora bracelet. Plus he’s so laid back, with lots of confidence and he’s oh so smooth. But when he’s pissed, you will wanna hide to protect your head. He’s a very old school troll that laughs at people’s misery, which I find very refreshing, especially for a movie from the late-30s. The servants were fun. There’s a sassy one named Mammy, who was my favorite, and I wanted her to end up with Butler more than Scarlet because their chemistry was off the charts! Then there’s a screechy one named Prissy that always looked like she was high on cilantro, and sometimes I wanted to put a sock in her mouth. Ashley was the most boring character in the entire movie. He had the enthusiasm of a cardboard cut-out of Larry Bird and was not interesting at all.

There’s one problem I found in this movie and it’s the poster: if you look at it, you might think that this is a love story between Scarlet and Butler, but their “romance” started more than 2 hours into the film, and it was so awkward and non-romantic that I felt like the poster betrayed me. Yes, they have their moments, but you can see the love from one side: Butler’s. Scarlet only wanted him because of his money, and how do I know this? She says it to his face so everything that happens to Butler, he completely had it coming. Also, you may have heard the most famous quote of the movie a bunch of times:

( “Frankly my dear, I don’t  give a damn”)

It’s a great line, but it gains much more powerful and becomes more awesome when you see all the bull crap he has to endure. I was applauding and cheering when it happened, and at that moment, Butler became one the best characters ever written.

“The joke’s on you, bitch”

Would I recommend this movie?: Oh yes! For a movie that was almost not made because it was thought that it was stupid to make a film based on a novel, I say it turned out very good. If you have 4 hours to spare (with 15 minute break to pee) then go ahead and watch it.

Thumbs up or down: Frankly my dear, 2 thumbs up. *slaps Scarlet and leaves*

Well since this is my first installment of the movie experiment, let me know what you think of this and/or the movie. Also if you have a movie that you want me to review, you can post it in the comments section and I’ll add it to my list.

’till next time! 

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