Musical Showcase: Emergency Pizza Party


Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about Emergency Pizza Party. EPP are the hottest pizza ever. EPP are the home version of the rap game. EPP know that your mother is a mime. Basically, EPP are awesome. EPP are a nerdcore hip-hop group signed to the non-profit record label Scrub Club Records, who are one quarter pizza, one quarter hilarity and two quarters awesome rapping. Starting out in Orlando, Florida, the group have released three albums, as well as appearing on several ‘Noncents’ compilations put out by the Scrub Club record label.

Looking in on EPP, they can seem a little unusual, having more lines about shining than most rappers. However, what makes EPP good is their unique style; shine, swag, pizza. Have you ever heard a group diss one of their own members, while that member was still in the group (and even takes a few shots at himself)? If not, look no further than the Benjamin Bear dissing ‘Get a Life’:

With an earworm chorus consisting of ‘Your music is poop’ you can get a pretty good impression of EPP. Immature, but taking it in pride and making awesome songs. The ultimate introduction to EPP, however, is their bombastic shine anthem known as ‘Shine Avenue’. Catchy, with a steady beat, and featuring some of the groups best lines such as… well, pretty much all of Betty Rebel’s verse. They tell you about your mime mother, right to your face, and all you can do is take it. Oh, and don’t hit on the Spanish dudes. They have dibs.

I’d also like to talk about solo efforts from two of the group’s members. Benjamin Bear has made several albums, which include this awesome jam (plus, I can use it since Betty Rebel from EPP is in it. Yay for loopholes!):

Funky49 and MC Wreckshin have also released solo efforts. The latest Wreckshin release, Dubstep is Magic, features this… colourful video. (warning; not safe for anywhere):

Yeah, EPP aren’t for everyone’s tastes. For those who like them, links at the bottom of the article will take you to where you can get their stuff.

“We rap about poop, we sing about it, ’cause EPP loves shiiiiine”


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