Musical Showcase: Kate Nash

One of my recent musical obsessions is the English singer-songwriter Kate Nash. Her indie pop and lyrical stylings have helped her achieve great success, especially in her native UK. As of this article, she has only released two albums, although she is currently working on a third one. Because of it, this article will not be the longest as there is not exactly a widespread catalogue to look at.

Kate’s most popular song (at least in the UK) is the ballad ‘Foundations’ which describes a relationship which is falling apart, but Kate is trying so hard to save it even though she knows there’s no chance of it working out. While the lyrics are bittersweet, with a mixture of sadness and humour, this is covered up by the upbeat nature of the song. If you weren’t listening to them, you could easily assume this was just an upbeat indie jam.

From the same album, ‘Made of Bricks’ comes ‘Mouthwash’ which is a very interesting song. The lyrics seem to be whatever words she could find tossed together, and honestly don’t really make sense. She spends the song describing herself, with a lot of repetition and the same upbeat theme as her previous hit, ‘Foundations’. I have to say that this is my favourite song from her first album, despite the word salad.

Her second album features a more mature sound, with eclectic tracks which are completely different from what she has done before. This is also my favourite album by her. ‘Doo-Wah-Doo’ takes a more old sounding style, reminiscent of old Motown/doo-wop songs. She also withholds on her profanity on this song, instead choosing a precision b strike at the end.

The last track I will be mentioning is ‘Take Me To A Higher Plane’. Sounding more like wild indie rock than pop, it contains her normal lyrical themes but with an infectious chorus, an awesome guitar riff and wild vocals.

Kate is currently working on her third album, which I highly anticipate. I encourage everyone to give her a try.

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