3rd Annual 24 Hour Gaming Marathon for Charity - May 19th, 2012

beautifulpeoplesclub.org (BPC) has announced this year’s live 24 hour gaming marathon to raise funds and awareness for stupidcancer.com

The event is held each year to promote awareness and support for worthy charities run by people that are passionate to their cause and accept community support.

As a gaming community created to provide an enjoyable online space geared towards mature minded gamers, BPC is proud to support the “i’m too young for this!” cancer foundation or i\[2]y (stupidcancer.com).

Each year, 70,000 Americans between the age of 15-40 are diagnosed with cancer. Most regular users of video games fall between the ages of 18 - 34, so this cause hits very close to home. i\[2]y is a valuable online resource for those facing cancer as a young adult, offering social, support, financial aid and legal assistance, plus much more.

In past years BPC has been very successful in not only raising money, but also bringing large numbers of referrals to their supported charities.

Proud of their previous success, they plan on promoting this event to an even larger audience this year.

Utilizing live feeds of game play and audio chat through twitch.tv, and promotion through social media

outlets such as twitter, facebook and google+, this will be an all out effort by beautifulpeoplesclub.org

community members and their supporters.

Beautiful Peoples Club is an organization of video gamers, young and old. They represent a large

demographic and continually strive to enhance their online communities gaming experience.


Administrator and site owner Jason Fishman commented on the sites charity involvement “With a

current active community of over 600 people we feel it is time that we started making a difference and

show that gamers and their supporters are capable of contributing to the community in a positive way”.


If you are interested in becoming a supporter through helping promote the event, offering services or by monetary means, please contact beautifulpeoplesclub.org at the email addresses above.

The hope is to make this year’s event a financial success for stupidcancer.com

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