Before Its Time: Ghostrider

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Ever get that feeling that everything you love leaves you? I’ve been getting that a lot lately. This is the first of two articles detailing short lived series that were cancelled before their time. After 9.1 (I’ll explain) stellar issues, the newest Ghostrider series has been brought to an early end. And, to be blunt, that sucks. Also: Spoiler alert.

The series began with issue 0.1. Marvel’s .1 program (line? Series? I have no idea) offers new readers a perfect place to jump into any series. A .1 issue will give a brief history and show the general feel of the character. Issue 0.1 of Ghostrider offered a big change as it portrayed Johnny Blaze giving up the rider to Adam (the original. From that garden) and being extremely happy about finally having his curse lifted.

The issues after dealt with the rider finding a new host to carry out its vengeance. This host takes over a young girl named Alejandra that had trained her entire life in the prospect of being chosen. Alejandra takes over the role with a renewed gusto, displaying new abilities that Johnny Blaze never used before, instantly coming off as a much more powerful rider.

Flame boobs: They're a thing

Alejandra’s stint as the rider changes after she rips the sin away from 100+ people in a small central American village, leaving the people as barely alive shells of their former selves. At this point, Alejandra realizes what it means to be the Ghostrider and begins to seek redemption. In the issues following, the reader finds Alejandra confronting her past, attempting to atone for her own sins, and even running afoul of Hawkeye. But, by far, the best of aspect of this comic is the relationship between Johnny and Alejandra.

Alejandra is new to the world, having been raised in a compound in hopes of becoming the Ghostrider one day. She’s also new to this extreme power. In sharp contrast, Johnny is an old pro with the power of The Rider.  He acts excellently as the Mr. Miyagi to Alejandra’s Danial San; only instead of being a very wise Asian man, Johnny is a country bumpkin with an intense love for David Bowie.  It’s a funny dynamic as Blaze becomes use to being without power while Alejandra tries to learn to wield her power.

The series’ life was also extended since it participated in the Circle of Four crossover. This featured Johnny and Alejandra teaming with Venom, Red Hulk, and X-23 to keep the forces of the underworld from sucking down Las Vegas.

I won’t give away how the series ended since I encourage anyone reading this to go pick up the issues or grab the trades when they come out. This series was dreadfully cut short and deserved more than 9.1 issues. So I will wait and see where Alejandra and Johnny pop up next in the Marvel universe. There will definitely be another Ghostrider series on the horizon.  I just hope it can have the quality of work that was put into this series.

So do yourself a favor and grab the trades! Hopefully, if they sell well, we’ll get another series soon enough!

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