Trials Evolution Review

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Game: Trials Evolution
Developer: RedLynx, Ltd.
Platform(s): Xbox 360 (XBLA)
Genre: Racing, Platformer
Release Date: April 18th, 2012
Link(s): Page

Trials Evolution is an Xbox Live Arcade game that is the first game of Microsoft’s new Arcade NEXT series of games. It retails for 1200 MSP, or roughly $15 USD. As it is a part of the Arcade NEXT series, it is the first Xbox Live Arcade game to feature 400 Gamerscore.

One of the most talked about, and best, features of Trials Evolution has got to be its insane map editor. It provides seemingly endless possibilities and, with the inclusion of global sharing, is a huge driving force for the community behind the game. Trials Evolution not only expands upon the editor of Trials HD, but instead amplifies it tenfold and proceeds to turn it up to 11. The gameplay of Trials Evolution remains fun for the most part and the 20 achievements in the game are nicely varied and challenging to attain. Multiplayer is a fantastic addition to the Trials series and it’s just as much fun, if not more, to play a local game with three friends as it is to play against three strangers online.

The physics of Trials Evolution are both its greatest strength and its fatal flaw. Although the physics seem fairly solid for the most part, it becomes very evident, when attempting complex tasks such as completing the Unyielding II achievement, that the physics are very much over-exaggerated. This over-exaggeration of the physics can make the game seem very random at points which can lead to frustration quite easily. Another flaw in Trials Evolution is the multiplayer matchmaking system’s inconsistency. The matchmaking system often puts you into a game alone or is only able to fill up two or three slots of the four available.

Overall, Trials Evolution is a great game with an impressively low price point for a game with such content. I do not believe that the flaws in this game are too deterring from the experience as a whole although they should be noted. I would highly recommend checking out Trials Evolution and downloading the trial if you are still unsure.

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