Obscure Game Theater - Live A Live Part Nine

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Well, before we continue on with the story of Pogo and his jerk of a Monkey, we’ve got some bonus material to work our way through. And by bonus material, I mean good old-fashioned classic Squaresoft bonus material. A combination of something that you’d never figure out on your own and a ridiculously overpowered optional boss. First up, the video!

Let me just say one thing: King Mammoth is an awful, awful experience that I hope to never relive again. I had to scrap like six recordings because of that jackass having nearly hour-long slugfests ending in my death. Hell, even when I finally beat him here I felt more like I cheaped him out than actually won. Oh well, dead is dead, I guess. Time to finish off the story!

…yeah. O-D-O is kind of a letdown if you managed to beat King Mammoth. If you go straight on through and don’t bother with that guy, though, he’s a fairly decent fight. What wonders will await us next time? Well, you’ll have to wait and see.

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