Mifi: The New Use for Homeless People

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We see them everywhere we go. It’s a sad sight, and we all know we can’t help them all. Homeless people are having a rough time these past years.

But a New York ad agency - Bartle, Bogle and Hegarty(BBH) are setting out to do something about this with an outrageous idea: Use the homeless as for wifi hotspots.


The homeless are offered a device that they may carry around with them as they wear a “I’m a Wifi Hotspot” t-shirt. “These are homeless individuals. They’re carrying MiFi devices. Introduce yourself, then log on to their 4G network via your phone or tablet for a quick, high-quality connection,” says the company’s website. Customers stand within 30 feet of the provider and BAM! Wifi. Customers are encouraged to make a donation, usually around $2 for 15 minutes use, but there is no real minimum donation required.


While the company so far has only ran small test runs in Austin, Texas and New York City,  they say that results are turning out well, despite the overall controversy on the idea. BBH says that they want to offer a way for the homeless to cash in on the advancing technology and add an extra buck or two while meeting new people.


You can read more at the companies website: http://www.bartleboglehegarty.com/

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