Oscars 2012 Challenge - The Results

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So, The Oscars are all over and done with for another year, and The Artist walked away with many of the awards including Best Director, Best Actor, and the coveted Best Film

But how did you fare in the NerdVice Oscars Challenge? Looking at the answers people posted it is clear to see that no one managed to guess either the Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Documentary Feature or Best Documentary Short correctly .

However everyone managed to guess the correct answer for Best Original Song which was Man or Muppet from The Muppets

So to the Results:

1st - Gordon Purcell  - 17

2nd - DrDogbert - 9

3rd - ViraGunn - 8

4th Chris X  - 6

= 5th - Neojames82 - 5

= 5th - The Circle Guy - 5


Well done to Gordon on obliterating the competition with 17 answers right, get in contact with me DrDogbert@NerdVice.Com and we can sort out a small prize on your win!

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