FortressCraft Patch 1.1 Interim Available Now!

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FortressCraft Patch v1.1 Interim is now available for download. This is the eighth patch for FortressCraft and brings the much awaited ladders as well as more general improvements and optimizations. A full list of the changes coming in FortressCraft v1.1 Interim and the trailer for the patch can be found below.

- Improved water performance (less framedrop during water creation)
- Fixed some water pivot bugs
- Improved doodad performance
- Improved Wind custom behaviour performance
- Added Ladders (keyboard only, expected to be in the normal interface by release)
- Other minor performance optimisations
- Massively speeded up loading (‘Press Start’ should appear much faster now)
- Rewrote Time (now records up to 68 years, instead of 3 days)
- Added 3dvision fix (PC ONLY)
- Added Freeze Time Of Day option to Machinima menu
- Added Special Effects menu
- Tidied up graphics menu
- Tracking lots of new stats for the Achievements
- Added Achievement tracking (no current way of earning or displaying them on the Xbox YET)
- Added 2 new axes, plus unlock codes
- Added personal teleporter
- Adder recall function to the teleporter
- Added new Avatars, for PC version
- Fixed height restriction on CopyPaste
- Added a little surprise. The only hint you’re getting : “Turn jetpacks off”
- FPS mode fix - quitting to title and rejoining no longer has stuck mobs.


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