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In my last review, I pounded into the IDW mini-series Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games. It took a license from my childhood and threw away everything that made it wonderful and great. Ghostbusters is the exact opposite of that - it’s an absolute delight that successfully captures the charm and the humor of all of the characters making it a joy for any fan of the original movies. I’ll try to keep spoilers brief since I encourage anyone and everyone to go grab it next time you hit the comic store. The first five issues are out, with the second story arc just starting.

The first story involves the RETURN of Gozer. If you’ve seen the first Ghostbusters (and if you haven’t, please do not procreate, you horrible person,) then you’ll remember Gozer as the villain from the first movie that eventually takes the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man to end the world. The Ghostbusters then COME, SEE, AND KICK IT’S ASS.

And oddly enough, they synched up their ass kicking to classic rock albums.

The story opens in a Ray Stantz dream sequence as the Ghostbusters are introduced on a talk show and confronted by Gozer. Then, the series gets both severe amounts of odd and nostalgic. Ray Stantz runs into an apparition that bears an uncanny resemblance to Jake Blues from The Blues Brothers. Jake warns Ray that The Third is coming and Gozer will be returning.

While the first arc deals with the return of Gozer, it’s not the only story that’s at work. A villain even more treacherous than Gozer will be returning. Spoiler: he has no dick. That’s right, the writer thought it was not only a good idea to bring back the bearded monster that is Walter Peck but also put him in charge of The Ghostbusters. Peck goes out of his way to make their lives hell:  health requirements they must meet, constantly prying, and just being the dickless annoyance you’d expect from the character. I look forward to seeing how the relationship with Peck evolves along with the series.

After the return of Gozer storyline ends hilariously, the Ghostbusters are called to an amusement park that has been overtaken by spirits. This storyline is just beginning and would be a very excellent place for you to hop in!

But more than the story, more than the art, more than anything - there is still one attribute that would have either made or broken this comic: the humor, of course! Capturing the essence of these characters is what makes this comic work. My favorite moment comes when The Third (the entity that is helping Gozer return) is interrogating Ray. He continues on, telling Ray that he was chosen to choose Gozer’s avatar. The Third tells Stantz that his friends hardly cleared their minds and that the Gozer could have easily become “an abstract equation, a marine corps drill instructor, or…Miss February.”

I’m sure you can figure out who was thinking of what, if you’re a fan.

If you’re a fan, grab this. Not only is it going to blow the needle off your nostalgiameter, it’s extremely well written and witty. The cartoony art only adds to the overall appeal of the comic. So, do yourself a favor and revisit your old friends that keep New York safe from the paranormal phenomenon the size of GIGANTIC twinkies.


This is usually where I plug my own twitter. But, this time, I’m going to tell you to go follow Erik Burnham, the writer of Ghostbuster:!/erikburnham .  He’s a genuine guy that enjoys talking to his fans. Keep the comics coming, friend.

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