Top Five Most Terrifying Creatures from Oddworld

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As its name arguably suggests, Oddworld is a rather strange place. As such, it stands to reason that the creatures that inhabit it are also pretty odd and, in a lot of cases, scary. Full of dangerous wildlife as well as nightmarish industrial creations, it’s no wonder that life on the planet appears to be pretty brief for most of its inhabitants. However, which of these creatures would you least like to meet in the proverbial darkened alleyway and, on the offchance that you did, would you have any chance of escaping them?

5) Vykkers

Vykkers were first teased during Abe’s Exoddus, a boarded up door purportedly blocking off the entrance to their labs. Hideous, hermaphroditic monsters, their huge heads house big brains that are utilised solely for evil (they really should get themselves some affordable laptops or something). Committed sadists, the wealth that came from their dubious work as doctors and scientists was more of an unexpected side effect than a legitimate aim. Gene splicing, animal testing and unnecessary surgery; they do it all and more . However, despite their fondness for inflicting pain they cannot stomach it themselves. Turn the tables and they’ll be reduced to a sobbing wreck in no time.

4) Paramites

Paramites are pretty creepy. A large part of this is probably due to their slight resemblance to spiders, this not helped by their penchant for dark places and unexpectedly descending from webs. Paramites are pretty speedy, and small enough to follow Abe under obstacles larger creatures wouldn’t be able to traverse. This makes running from them all the more difficult. Additionally their mouth, strongly resembling a large, clawed hand, is nothing short of terrifying. While a single Paramite is likely to keep its distance unless cornered, two or more of the creatures will eagerly give chase if they can. The best way to deal with Paramites is to distract them by throwing a chunk of raw meat; just make sure you’re gone by the time they’ve finished eating.

3) Scrabs

Scrabs are said to be one of the most feared creatures on Oddworld. Fast, powerful and extremely territorial, they will stop at nothing if they’ve set you in their sights (although some argue that they in fact have no eyes and as such navigate via echolocation). Rather like big, red armless centaurs with crab-like legs and giant beaks for heads, Scrabs are certainly pretty alarming to look at. However, if they have the choice between attacking you and another of their kind then the other Scrab is first on the agenda. Make sure you’re not around when the fight is over and you’re (probably) okay.

2) Fleeches

Originally created by the Vykkers to be easily disposable pets, two-headed Fleeches are routinely flushed by their Glukkon owners once they start trying to eat them. With disturbing long tongues that are all too well adapted for pulling unwitting creatures into their mouths, Fleeches tend to find their way out of the sewers and into less convenient places such as the ancient Mudokon necropolis Necrum. Despite being one of the few creatures not capable of a one hit kill, hearing the sound of a Fleech rapidly stripping away layer after layer of flesh is usually enough to make you hurry the hell up.

1) Fuzzles

Undeniably the most terrifying thing to have ever graced Odd’s green earth. They may look like cute little balls of fluff at first glance, but if they get angry (or hungry) you soon find out about just how sharp and numerous their teeth are. The Vykkers’ favourite test subjects due to their conveniently large eyes and manageability once caged, it’s no wonder they’re cranky. I’d advise you on how to deal with fuzzles as I did with the other creatures but if you happen to encounter a group of them then you’re pretty much screwed anyway.

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