The DC Reboot: Out with the Old, In with the New

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The DC Reboot has been a smashing success that has transferred many a reader from being Marvel loyal to a big DC fan (myself included). But, not every series can be the massive hit that Detective Comics, All-Star Western,  Aquaman, and Batwoman have been. The following six issues have been cancelled: Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C. (I called that getting canned),  Blackhawks, Men of War, Hawk and Dove, and Static Shock.

Aside from Static Shock, I don’t remember hearing anyone getting massively excited over any of the series. I am surprised Static Shock is getting axed. My best friend has said absolutely wonderful things about the series and has made it out to be one of the more innovative comics of the relaunch.

The old dogma says, “Out with the old, in with the new!” So what are the new comics that are making up the second wave of the DC Reboot?

  1. The Ravagers - This series talks about four super powered teens that are on the lam from people that want to turn them into supervillians. Is it just me or does this sound a lot like Brian K. Vaughan’s The Runaways?
  2. G.I. Combat - Written by Green Arrow writer J.T. Krull, this is a war comic that’s a retelling the 1960 comic arc, The War That Time Forgot. It features elements of military, Sci-Fi, and FREAKING dinosaurs. But didn’t Men Of War just get cancelled? Is another war comic really the way to go?
  3. Dial H - This series promises to examine the psychological effects of an everyman that suddenly gains superpowers. That is all I can find on it.That and it stems from Dial H For Hero. Regardless, I’ll probably be picking it up.
  4. Earth 2 - This series centers around The Justice Society, the JL from an alternate Earth as they deal with issues that could possibly cross dimensions. I usually try to stick away from alternate reality titles. It gives me a migraine (the exact reason I try to ignore the existence of Scott Summer’s 128 bastard children).
  5. World’s Finest - Despite not being a fan of alternate universe stories, this one interests. It takes two of my favorite DC chicks and throws them into an alternate reality as they try to fight their way back to their Earth. Both Power Girl and Huntress have been unfairly unrepresented in the reboot and it’s high time for them to shine (Yes, I am aware of the Huntress mini-series. It is very bad ass.) I’m just curious to see how Power Girl and Huntress got stranded and am eagerly awaiting to see how they’ll work together.
  6. Batman, Incorporated - Why won’t this series just die!?! It was a dumb idea to start out with! Batman isn’t going to be scary if there are 40 Batmen across the globe doing the same thing. That defeats his entire purpose of seeming like a monster that’s after criminals in the night. It’s not fear, it’s a paramilitary force. Seriously, look at the Native American Batman. It’s just…the less words the better. I hope this gets cancelled quickly and they give us a series based around The Question. With Brian Azzarello writing it. He’d be much better with The Question than Wonder Woman. *shudder*

Seriously; He's on a buffalo. Could we get more stereotypical?

So that’s the new and the old. I’ll probably review one of the new #1s. If you’d like to see my thoughts on the others I pick up, you should be badass and follow me on twitter:!/ChrisX104 . Insane ramblings will ensue.


Afternote: With Hawk and Dove getting cancelled, DC needs a new place to shove Rob Leifeld. He’ll be taking over Deathstroke at issue 9. Drop it like it’s gone bad, people.

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