How Not to Get a Date: A Valentine’s Day Special

Tired of feeling human warmth and affection? Sick of the pesky dating scene? Just follow my example, and you’ll never have to suffer through another date again! This Valentine’s Day, just remember: video games will never break your heart, and hentai is cheaper than dating.



April Von Lon (10 Posts)

I started making internet videos on a whim one day when I realized my newly-purchased laptop had a webcam. Luckily I've obliterated all traces of my first webcam-based humiliation and bribed several people never to speak of it again. I'd like to think I've gotten a little bit better since those first dark days, and surely only good things can follow in the wake of my determination! That or I'll make more jokes about space-squids which self-propel via flatulence. I mean, that's pretty likely too.