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Recently the world of PC gaming has made great strides in many areas.  New generations of processors are coming out, more games are being made specifically for the PC and ported to consoles, and it seems more and more people are migrating to the PC realm.  Now that isn’t to say consoles are going to fall by the way side, soon enough we will be seeing the WiiU and Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles.  However, at this very moment, computers are overtaking consoles, particularly when it comes to graphics.  I know I touched on graphics in my last article, so I won’t go on and on about them, but I feel it is important to touch on them again.

I just built a new desktop, built to do some basic gaming as I still haven’t reached out to most of the high-tech computer games out there.  I play a lot of WoW, L4D 1 and 2, TF2 and Borderlands, none of which require that powerful of a graphics card.  However, I still plan to get a better graphics card than the onboard one simply because I want the games I do play to be set to ultimate everything.  When I move on to more graphically impacted games, I will buy another graphics card to suite them and so on and so on.  But the nice thing is, nearly every time you crave better graphics, you can update your computer to accommodate for that.  Of course, it gets more and more expensive to do so, but you will be dropping 600 or 700 dollars on a console that is not customizable afterwards.

What do I plan to buy exactly?  Well, I live in a household that supports AMD, so I am actually buying a Radeon card.  Why, why would I do that I am sure you’re asking.  Well, my motherboard allows for me to use multiple graphic cards at once, and since my computer is a bit of a Frankenstein, I need to get a graphics card that will work my boyfriend’s old one so I can have super graphics.  Also, as much as I love all my graphics cranked up to 11, spending $300 to do so just is not that important to me.  I am sure if I made more than $230 every two weeks I would feel differently, but since that is what’s up I am stuck with onboard graphics and lower graphic levels.

With all these factors at play, I still tend to lean towards console gaming because let’s face it, it’s far prettier than my computer.  Watching each object in a game render as you get closer and closer to it, that isn’t fun.  Being able to see the detail in objects that are far away, or just seeing things that are in the distance period is nice.  However, it is ever clear that computers have surpassed the capabilities of consoles and will continue to do so.  The technology you can put into the case of a computer outweighs the amount you can put into a console making it very difficult to keep the two types of systems equal.

The problem with the gaming community in general, in my opinion, is that game producers just don’t want to put games out for the PC.  They know where the money is at, and it is with console gaming more than PC so that is where they put all their stock.  That is not to say there are NO good games for the PC, nor that companies do not make games specific to the PC, I just feel that it is an under used and slightly abused market.  Those who are labeled PC gamers tend to have a worse image that those who stick to mostly console gaming in my experience.  Mostly because when I tell people I game on the PC, they instantly think of World of Warcraft players just being glued to the screen going crazy because they haven’t gotten up in 10 days.

However, I think that the strides to make all online experience of gaming better for all types of players has been shown through the ability to cross-platform multiplayer in Portal 2.  I think that if more games had the capability of cross-platform multiplayer, those who PC game and those who stick strictly to console gaming would have a better understanding of the other.  Whether or not that is true, no one can say for sure, but I feel that by creating a world where EVERYONE truly can game together using the internet, that is the best way of keeping both console gaming and PC gaming equal and going strong.

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