Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2): The Start Of A New Era?

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With the X-Men torn in half after the events of Schism, two comics have emerged. Some may worry about this series more than they’re worrying about Wolverine and the X-Men. With one of the most popular and iconic character in comics leaving this series, will there be anything left? I definitely think there is. I will attest that Scott, a stunning protagonist all his own, is perfectly capable of helming the series without everyone’s favorite clawed Canuck by his side. Caution: This review contains spoilers.

The book opens with an…advertisement from the city of San Francisco. It’s not the way I would have started the reboot of one of the greatest comic series ever, but we’ll just run with it. It goes from being the typical tourist attraction that the real city of San-Fran is known as to talking about the mutant community of the city.  This advertisement quickly ends and moves to two tourists taking picture of the Dreaming Celestial, a rather large robot-looking being that just stands stationary over San Francisco. Mister Sinister shows up and kills the crap out of the tourists before the comic takes us to Utopia.

Scott is about to have his first meeting with his newly formed Extinction Team, a group of the most powerful mutants ever assembled.  The objective of the team is to protect the world that hates and fears them while also acting as a deterrent. Scott Summers will never let the mutant race be victims again. This team is made up of Cyclops, Storm, Magneto, Namor, Colossus, Hope Summers, Danger (the living manifestation of the danger room. Weird, I agree; talk to Joss Whedon), Magik, and Emma Frost …whose costume has gotten even smaller in this new series! Kudos to the artist, I guess?

A majority of the Extinction Team

This issue jumps ahead a week and Cyclops gets a message from Abigail Brand about the activity about the Dreaming Celestial. This is the first time the reader is going to get to see the Extinction Team in action; and it’s actually pretty well done, albeit a bit short. I won’t go into details about the fight scene, but the issue’s ending left me scratching my head. Mr. Sinister, using the flying head of the Dreaming Celestial, turns the population of the city of San Francisco into clones of himself. The hell? Weird.

The comic has a few extras in the back, including a chart (see below) and a letter from Scott to the world about the creation of the Extinction Team.

That ends the review of this comic, but I did want to make a special mention of two things:

First: If you haven’t heard, they’re making a new X-comic called X-Club, based around the science department of the X-Men. This excites me since Dr. Nemesis is unbelievably hilarious and the king of hyperbole. I’ll definitely be writing up a review when it’s out!

Second: I just wanted to make a point about how much I loved the charts that were featured in both Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine and the X-Men, detailing which character took what sides.

Here they are for you to see:

Scott's side.



Wolvie's side.

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