The Third Chair - Episode 11 - The XX Show

Vira Gunn, Stephanie, and Ella take over the show this week and have a round of girl talk about:

  • The DC reboot and how its affected some of their lead female characters - for better or worse.
  • Their take on some issues involving ‘Dead Island’ (the upskirt shots and feminist whore fiasco)
  • What games, toys, and shows influenced them as children.

Right click - Save link as ... to download the mp3.

No bros allowed.

[ Thanks to Jay (MorninAfterKill) for editing this. You're a lifesaver! Everyone check out his awesome YouTube channel for some high quality videos! ]

Vira Gunn (76 Posts)

I'm the co-owner of Nerd Vice. I like to write things and occasionally I record a show called "The Third Chair." I'm also the Media Manager for Projector Games. I'm a 24 year old woman from New Jersey. I love fashion and girly stuff. I consider "Super Mario Bros. 3" to be the perfect game, though "Silent Hill 2" is my personal favorite.

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