The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: My Hopes And Dreams

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I know, I know. You say that the 50th anniversary isn’t until 2013. That’s over a year away and, according to those quirky old Mayans, we won’t even make it to that year! But screw the Mayans, this is my article and I’m going to scream out my opinion about what I want and what I most certainly don’t want from the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

What I want:

1. A multi-doctor story :

This is tradition for the Whoniversaries (If that hasn’t been created before, I’m going to go ahead and copyright that.) What’s better than The Doctor kicking ass and saving the universe? Multiple freaking Doctors! So far there have been three Doctor Who multi-Doctor anniversary stories (The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, and the non-canon charity clusterfuck that was Dimensions in Time.) Also, there have been two other non-anniversary stories, The Two Doctors and Time Crash. The greatest hero running into himself and having to collaborate is both badass and hilarious; a majority of the time, The Doctor’s regenerations can barely even work together since they bang heads so much. But which Doctors could we have?

I’m going to skip mentioning the first three (see below). Tom Baker is about 77 years old and definitely doesn’t look like he use to. Yet he’s expressed interest in returning!! Throw his hat on him and give him a bag of jelly babies and I could almost buy that. Peter Davison already came back once in Time Crash, his aging being explained with a easy to ignore plot hole called “time differential”. I’d like to think he’d be game. Colin Baker? The techni-color dreamcoat Doctor has aged worse than Tom Baker and, as far as I can tell, has expressed no interest about returning to his role one way or another.

Slylvester McCoy has stated that he would love to come back and since his version of the Doctor was aged in the ’96 movie, no explanation would be needed for the changes! Hopefully, Peter Jackson can give him some time off from The Hobbit! Then there’s Paul McGann, the George Lazenby of Doctor Who. He said he’d come back if asked. He might look a bit different since he wasn’t a fan of the wig he was forced to wear in the movie. Christopher Eccleston walked away from the fame and fortune that came with Doctor Who, saying that he wouldn’t compromise his integrity; and he has been vocal about not coming and bathing in the same river twice. Hopefully, BBC will offer him some fantastic sum of money and he’ll accept. Or some sort of baked goods. I don’t care what they give him. He and Paul McGann BOTH need to be in this special.

Finally,  (cue the angelic fanboy chorus) David Tennant. This fanboy has said that we would be delighted to come back to his favorite show. Hopefully, he can fit it into his schedule.

2. A decent enemy

I don’t think this is asking too much. I don’t want the 50th anniversary to be shoehorned into whatever crazy ass religious story about the great question and the great answer. Not a bad storyline (aside from River), but it’s not what this EPIC special should be about! Let there be a classic enemy! How frightened would the Daleks be of FOUR of The Oncoming Storms. Better yet, bring back the New Dalek Paradigm from Victory Of the Daleks. They were SO badass.

Personally, I’d like to see the return of Rassilon and even The Master. Having Timothy Dalton and his spit flying intense performance would be a wonder to see again! And who better to face off against The Doctors than The Master? I’d like to see John Simms come back but for some reason, people seem dead set on Benedict Cumberbatch playing the next incarnation of The Master. While I could see it,  I say NEIGH. They’re already only making 3 episodes of Sherlock every two years. Don’t make it worse. Please.

3. The return of the companions

First off, BRING BACK MARTHA. I do not want Rose’s dumb ass running around in this special. I’ll take Martha or even Donna. Just keep Rose freaking Tyler out of this!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, old companions returning in The Five Doctors made it all the more entertaining! Assuming they could use some decent logic on why Sophie Aldred has aged to 50, having Ace back would be badass! But maybe that’s a bit of stretch. Then again, I’m willing to look past the notable age change of Tom Baker if they throw a freaking hat on him.

You know what? Just had a thought. Bring back Sexy. The Doctor’s Wife was the single greatest episode of the new series.

What I don’t want:

1.The first three Doctors

While I’m still breaking into the very early years of classic Doctor Who, I know that these Doctors each have a big fan base (Don’t they all? Except poor Colin Baker). But the actors have all passed on. We don’t need to disrespect their memory by trying to get them into this special anyway. Some people have talked about bringing them back with TECHNOLOGY. I give you the image below:

Many British folks can point to this screenshot as the exact moment their childhood finally died.

Having stand-ins? I know they’ve done it before but I’m begging BBC. Please don’t. It just doesn’t seem right. If having the first three Doctors around is that big of a deal, have one of The Doctors mention that this is happening at the same time as The Three Doctors. There. I solved it.

2. River Song

Call me opinionated but I fucking hate that Mary Sue of a character. I don’t care if you like this character, I despise her. I haven’t hated a character this much since the son in Nip/Tuck.  I promise, that’s an animosity level that can barely be imagined.

River is annoying as hell and constantly is flaunting that she can do everything better than The Doctor can. She can operate the TARDIS better than him, she can outwit him, blah, blah, blah, blah. I get that Steven Moffat has drawn up his ideal woman but it’s gotten old. And supposedly she’s The Doctor’s one true love? If a multi-Doctor story does arise, this would be the perfect place to shoehorn in her running into pre-David Tennant Doctors. Just imagine, how many “Spoilers” and “Hello, sweetie”s Alex Kingston could belt out in the special. The thought of this makes me want to put a fist through my TV.

Please, just let there be one episode that doesn’t revolve around River. It’s the Doctor Who 50th anniversary; Not The River Song show: The Awesome Adventures Of River Song Featuring The Doctor 50th anniversary!

3. Crossovers

I feel like I shouldn’t need to put this put this but Dimensions in Time managed to pull off this stupidity with the Eastenders crossover. Unless it’s with Torchwood or K-9, there do not need to be any freaking crossovers. Eastenders, Graham Norton, The Brady Bunch, Jean-Luc Picard, Sherlock, Alf, Being Human, and everything else all need to stay the hell out of my Doctor Who.

Except maybe Picard. That could have some serious badass potential.

4. 3-D

Matt Smith is very cool. At least, I assume. He seems down to Earth and a genuinely nice guy that is still surprised at his stardom. He’s all about the fans, talking about how he wants a multi-Doctor story as a fan service. Then…he mentioned that it’d be cool to have the 50th anniversary episode in 3-D. No, Matt. It wouldn’t be cool. It would suck. Nobody likes 3-D anymore and we barely liked it from the start. I guess this doesn’t matter since I don’t own a 3-D TV and wouldn’t be viewing it in THREE DIMENSIONS anyway. But take all that money BBC was planning on using for that stupid gimmick and do something productive with it. Put it into special effects or into the paychecks of the past Doctors.


That does it for my requests . It’s early to be asking so much of the BBC but they’re already thinking about it. Moffat and Matt Smith both seem to have things planned. So therefore, being a self-entitled fan, I can start making my opinion known now. Hopefully, you agree with some of my opinions of what I want for the Whoniversary. If you have different wants for it, head down to the comments and let me know. I’d love to read them.

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