Nerd Vice’s Extra Life Guest List & Prizes!

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On Saturday, October 15th, gamers across several countries will come together to raise money for the Childrens Miracle Network through Extra Life. Amongst them are Vira Gunn and Chris X – who will be livestreaming their progress during the event.

We now have a tentative guest list of those who will be joining Chris and Vira for the event!

  • Logan DeMelt from Signal Studios ( Toy Soldiers: Cold War )
  • DJArcas, developer of FortressCraft
  • Donna, Community Manager for
  • CSR Studios, developer of Dead Pixels
  • Leon Thomas, host of Heart of Gaming
  • The Gaming Goose, fabulous maker of entertainment.
  • Cameos by various members of the Vice Squad.
  • More surprises to come!
We will also be giving out prizes during the livestream. To enter, simply leave a donation with your e-mail address included. You could win full copies of Toy Soldiers: Cold War (courtesy of Signal Studios), codes DrDogbert obtained at PAX Prime, and more to be announced!
We’ll begin streaming at 10AM CT on and will keep going til’ 5PM - possibly beyond. We’ll be playing games like Rock of Ages, Borderlands, Terraria, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Minecraft, Magicka, retro games, and even games on OMGPop that you can join in on!
Tune in, donate, and enjoy. Who knows what will happen, who will show up, or what will be given away. Most importantly - we can heal children through this event and every donation helps!
You can donate now at:

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About Vira Gunn

I'm the co-owner of Nerd Vice. I like to write things and occasionally I record a show called "The Third Chair" with The Gaming Goose. I'm a 23 year old woman from New Jersey. No, I don't know Snooki. I love purple leopard print. I consider "Super Mario Bros. 3" to be the perfect game.