Would You Go on a Post-Apocalyptic Holiday?

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Post-apocalyptic settings have always been popular in nerd subculture. Whether it’s trying to eke out an existence following a nuclear disaster or scores of zombies lurching forth as a result of some deadly new virus, what would happen if the entire world went tits up has been a common theme in science fiction writers’ minds for some time now. It has also, not surprisingly, permeated the video games market, perhaps most prominently series such as Fallout, Half-Life and Left 4 Dead (perhaps the less said about Dead Island the better).

But would you really want to experience an apocalypse first hand?

A fair number of my friends (particularly those who play Humans vs. Zombies… which admittedly includes me) seem to genuinely want to find out what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse; after all, they do have contingency plans to test.

But what would happen if you actually could go on a post-apocalyptic holiday? Would it be like one big LARP or end up as something more sinister? Here are a few of the main possible choices…

  • Zombie Outbreak

As seen in: Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead

Picture it now. You arrive at the resort via an unceremonious helicopter drop. It already looks like a mess but hey, that’s what you paid for. The resort staff graciously give you a five minute head start (ten if you shelled out for the deluxe package) before they release the “zombies”. You were reliably informed in the brochure that all of the undead you encounter will be played by actors, but that one guy who appears to be taking bites out of a startlingly realistic corpse looks pretty hungry…

Why it would be awesome: Come on, admit it: you know you want to find out how long you could last.

Why it wouldn’t: Not exactly the most relaxing of holidays (although the same could be said of all these suggestions). Additionally someone’s bound to suffer some kind of biting-related lacerations sooner or later.

  • Nuclear Disaster

As seen in: Fallout, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

You’re driven to an isolated wasteland with little more than some makeshift equipment and a packet of potassium iodide tablets. There’s hardly any signs of life for miles around aside from a small, rickety settlement and its fearful inhabitants (they swear there’s something more out there in the desert than dogs with too many legs). If you fancy a more ritzy experience then you could even combine it with a more conventional holiday destination as Fallout: New Vegas did.

Why it would be awesome: You can’t spell “radiation” without “rad”!

Why it wouldn’t: Radiation sickness is not cool.

  • Alien Invasion

As seen in: X-COM, Half-Life

It starts out like any normal self-catering holiday… until the aliens arrive. From them on your holiday buddies are getting abducted and/or vaporised left, right and centre (and that’s before they roll out the killer robots). Time to gather the survivors and create your very own HUMANITY FUCK YEAH moment. The perfect break for those of you wanting a more stereotypically sci-fi flavour to your post-apocalyptic adventure.

Why it would be awesome: Sooner or later you’d probably be able to get your hands on some sweet alien tech.

Why it wouldn’t: Perhaps not the best choice if you’re not a fan of probes.

So, Las Vegas holidays anyone?

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