Obscure Game Theater - Jill Saves the Prince

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Well, we’ve finally arrived. The epic story of Jill of the Jungle’s journey from her home jungle to a mysterious underground land 500 miles away is finally coming to a conclusion as she leaps into action to… save the prince of a jungle 500+ miles away from her own home for no obvious reason. Hey, all video game stories can’t be winners you know. Besides, it has an environmentalist message, too! You see, the Lizardmen that captured the Prince also want to destroy the jungle to build condos!

I’m dead serious, that’s part of their motivation. I think I’ll stop trying to defend the story now and just get on with things.

Let’s go through our checklist as we go, shall we?

Requiring previously unmentioned skills to move on: Check.

“Puzzles” so simple that there aren’t quotation marks big enough to get the point across: Check.

Fairly lame and standard style ending: Double Check, though it gets points for being written very awkwardly.

Despite my judging of the story and a few other elements, I really did enjoy these games. They’re not particularly difficult (hell, I got through them in about 45 minutes a piece), but they make a good little time waster if you need a little coffee break style platformer. Hope you enjoyed this little look at a game series from a time long ago, and I’ll see you next time!

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