The DC Reboot Round Up: Week 4

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Week four of the DC reboot knocked me for a loop. DC released a massive amount of issues that I wanted while, at the same time, Marvel released 3 X-men comics, the new Cap, and the new Daredevil. Due to the monetary restraints of being unemployed, (Aside from Nerdvice. They only pay me in baked goods though) I couldn’t afford everything I was hoping for. If you happened to read Catwoman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, or Birds of Prey, head to the comments and let me know what you think!

But I still managed to get a good deal of them. So without further ado, let’s get to it!


Green Lantern Corps

If you were wondering where Guy Gardner and John Stewart had disappeared off to, look no further. While Green Lantern focuses mainly on Sinestro and Hal Jordan, GLC focuses mostly on the rest of the Corp. And I’m glad to see John and Guy heading up a comic together.

Seriously, who wouldn't hire these guys?

The comic begins with something rarely seen outside of Spiderman comics, a superhero trying to find a job. Guy Gardner attempts to find a job as a football coach and can’t get hired due to being too much of a liability for the kids. Meanwhile, John Stewart uses his power ring to attempt to scare some politicians as they trying to scorn him for building an overly expensive building (he was just trying to make it safe. But politicians hate happiness!).

I like this comic because it really shows the bromanship between Guy and John. They’re both superheroes with public identities that have trouble in their professional lives because of it. And Peter J. Tomasi does a good job with both characters. John Stewart is serious and undeniably badass while Guy is loud, rude, and uses his ring in the most awesome way possible. I look forward to the rest of the series. The two lead characters are two of my favorites and it’s just good to see them in such perfect form!



Blue Beetle

I’ve never read a Blue Beetle comic before. I’ve always meant to get into it but finding the best place to start and learning the entire back story behind it while keeping up with all the normal complications of life. This, folks, is a pretty good place to start for new readers to the series.

It starts out with a small prologue, demonstrating the absolutely massive power of those that have been overtaken by the Scarab suits. After the prologue, we flashforward to the present and meet our hero, Jamie Reyes. Thankfully, for all the new readers, this is an origin story. It’s the basic origin story, setting up the plot, introducing us to Jamie and his supporting characters, and finally, showing Jamie acquiring the suit.

If nothing else, this comic has me hooked enough to follow through with the first story arc. If nothing else, I want to see Jamie kick some MAJOR ass. My only complaint with the comic is the massive amount of Spanglish. While it wasn’t enough to detract from the story, it kind of left me wondering what they were saying/cursing about sometimes. I guess my Mom was right; I should have taken Spanish in High School.


Here again, we have another origin story. And since I knew Supergirl’s origin, it kind of annoyed me to be seeing it over again. I guess it’s unfair that Blue Beetle did an origin story and it didn’t bother me; but then again, every comic fan knows about what happened to Krypton! It’s been done! Repeatedly!

But this comic did apologize for being an origin story by being pretty badass and action filled. The moment Kara hits Earth, the government is after her. The reader is treated to a nice battle between soldiers in mech suits and Supergirl as she while she tries to deduce where she is and why she suddenly has superpowers! While this comic wasn’t plot heavy and didn’t really seem to be setting up a future plot, I really enjoyed it. The art was fantastic and the action was awesome! I’ll be checking out the next issue for sure!

He is no longer the kid Adam West use to boss around.


I’ve always been a big fan of Dick Grayson. He’s the original Robin and earned his stripes as superhero all in Chuck Dixon’s excellent Nightwing series. This series is penned by Kyle Higgins and if you remember last week, I was a bit disappointed by his other new series, Deathstroke. But I went in hoping for the best.

While Deathstroke was formulaic, Nightwing was very much not. It first featured Dick’s monologue about how his time as Batman had changed him and made him into a better hero. I’m actually surprised they didn’t retcon Batman’s death. But then again, they didn’t retcon Batman Inc or Damian Wayne either, so I’m really not that surprised.

The comic features Nightwing on patrol and shows the difference in how Dick and Bruce live their civilian lives. Also, the circus is back in town and Dick is working hard on bringing himself to go visit his old chums under the big tent. While this might sound a little bit silly, I really enjoyed this comic. It was very well written and the fight scenes were some of the best of the entire reboot. Its storyline is also tying into Batman’s, which I’ll get to in a second.

Whether you like it or not, Nightwing is back as his own hero and he is absolutely here to stay.




Like Detective Comics, Batman was an absolutely excellent read. Detective Comics waited until last page to throw the reader for a loop; Batman was seven pages in when it suddenly had Batman fighting alongside the Joker. It was at this point that I had to go back and reread the first couple of pages to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

After insuring my own sanity, I kept reading. The comic was very plot heavy and I really don’t want to spoil things. On the Bruce Wayne side, Bruce Wayne is working hard to revitalize Gotham City. On the Batman side? He’s investigating a murder. I’ll just leave it and that and mention that this is where Batman ties in with Nightwing. Go buy this comic if you haven’t.

Wonder Woman

They eighty-sixed her pants by the time the comic actually came out. The industry evidently still knows their target audience

I have the highest of hopes going into Wonder Woman. I mean, come on! It has Brian Azzarello is writing it! With him behind this series, I expect future Eisner awards and a very heavy and intricate plot that’ll make my head explode. As a plus, Cliff Chiang from Green Arrow/Black Canary and Human Target is on the art. It is totally spectacular.

Said head exploding plot begins with three dumb broads we’ve never seen before having champagne with a dude that has pitch black skin and glowing orange eyes. How did these idiots not realizes he was evil based off his appearance? I know you’re not suppose to base a book of it’s cover but COME ON!

Moving forward we meet Zola, a random character that spends the entire comic without finding pants. The plot unfolds, eventually leading Ms. Zola Nobody into encountering Wonder Woman. Diana is in top form as she kicks some centaur ass and takes names. I won’t spoil too much of the plot but it has a very awesome Terminator feel to it. Out of all the new #1’s that came out this week, I’m looking forward to the next issue of Wonder Woman more than anything



After missing out on Grifter last week, I was stoked beyond all reason when I finally got my hands on it. I’d built it up so much in my mind, that it was actually kind of a letdown. I’m not saying it’s actually bad! I just had built it up to be so much more in my mind.

Grifter starts off with Cole Cash hurriedly moving through a plane as it takes off. He keeps hearing voices, thinking that the “monsters” are in his head. And then…


You just got pen-stabbed, bitch!

Holy shit. That sure is something. Sadly, the action kind of ends after this scene. The plot jumps back and forth in time like a Lost episode, showing Cole con some big money out of someone, get knocked out, and wake up in a room with some sort of monster. However, the entire comic feels rushed. They could have shown more of the actual con, foreshadowing the oncoming monsters. But instead, the reader is just left with a frantic story that can’t decide if it wants it’s protagonist to be psychotic, charming, badass, or frightened.

I plan on giving this series another few issues because I do really want it to be good. Only time will tell


That wraps it up for week 4 of the DC Reboot. Only one more week of releases! Make sure you check out STATUS’ upcoming review about Mister Terrific #1. Remember, if you’ve read any of the comics I didn’t review or if you just have a different opinion, let me know what you think in the comments section!

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