Tokyo Game Show 2011 - Silent Hill: Downpour (Korn Trailer)

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Silent Hill 2 is my favorite game of all time. In fact, I love most of the entries in the series. Having been obsessed with horror-themed games for most of my gaming-life, I can honestly say there is no other series in the genre that has captured my absolute love and adoration. I can spend hours picking apart its meaning, roaming its moody environments, or simply listening to the soundtracks of the games.

The soundtracks - my god! I’m not a person who tends to be enthralled by video game music. Yes, I appreciate it when it’s good; but it typically doesn’t end up on my iPod. Silent Hill is the exception. Akira Yamaoka’s work on this series is nothing short of incredible. With every new release, I found myself more excited to see what he’d create musically than what misty part of the cursed resort town the developers would have me exploring next.

Thus, when it was revealed that Akira Yamaoka wouldn’t be taking on composer duties for Silent Hill: Downpour, I was heartbroken! Still, I held out hope. Dexter composer Daniel Licht was brought on board and early snippets of his work sounded promising.

But now the main theme has been released via a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show 2011. And it’s by … Korn.

I have nothing against Korn! I actually have a fondness for them stemming back to my gothic high school days. Still … this song doesn’t have the moody, desperate  feeling I’ve come to expect from a Silent Hill theme. It feels like something that could serve as a theme for any generic shooter or fighter.

Watch below for the new trailer featuring Korn’s Silent Hill: Downpour theme - then take a chance to listen to “One More Soul to the Call,” Akira Yamaoka’s theme to  Silent Hill: Homecoming. Which do you prefer?






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