Obscure Game Theater - Jill Goes Underground

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Today I bring you the continuation of the Jill of the Jungle series. This offering has been split into three segments, as the whole video felt like it was a little bit much to try to sit through all at once.

I’m still a bit sad that the Bunnies from the first level never appear again. Getting murdered by rabbits is pretty much the best way to go.

Don’t have much to add to this one. I really, really dislike that level with 7 or 8 keys and all the breakable blocks though… in case you couldn’t tell.

I still don’t get why they decided to have all of this leading up to saving a Prince, and had no other mention of the fact that this guy exists anywhere at all. That just seems weird to me, but that’s not all that seems weird here. Let’s have a quick recap:

Jill started off her adventure in a “Jungle” that had no jungle to be seen in it. She goes “500 Miles” away and lands in crazy Magic Mushroom land. From there, she goes underground which contains the following:

- Two Castles
- Insanity Land
- A multitude of demons

I guess what I’m getting at is… not a great place to go vacationing.

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