Ask LadySnip3r Vol. 4

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It’s a long overdue episode of Ask LadySnip3r, the weekly advice column where your nerd-related questions are answered. This week we talk about the DC reboot, my lack of comic knowledge, and non-shooter games  (who knew such a thing exists?!).


Remember to send in your questions to, subject line Ask LadySnip3r. Questions can be pretty much anything - as long as it’s nerd-related. Also, please note that all emails will remain anonymous unless otherwise stated.


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About LadySnip3r

My name is LadySnip3r and I am a huge gamer. I also love to read, write, and shop. I'm a Canadian and am currently studying English and Film. I write an advice column for Nerd Vice and am the lead writer of Assassionista. You can follow me on twitter (@Assassionista) or challenge me on Xbox (gamertag LadySnip3r AM).