A Reboot All Their Own: Marvel’s New #1′s

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For some reason, the comic world (myself included) is making kind of a big deal over the DC reboot. And it makes sense since it’s the biggest thing to happen in the comic world in a good, little while. But what about Marvel and their heroic age? In a couple of months, they’ve started out with a couple of their biggest heroes at number #1. But with all the DC hype, this seems to be getting swept under the rug. So here I am to review Marvel’s reboot relaunch of five of their titles from best to worst.

Also, consider this your spoiler alert.

  1.  Moon Knight- You know, it’s just my opinion but I’ve always thought Moon Knight was a cool character. Maybe it’s because I always enjoy lesser known characters. Maybe it’s because Moon Knight is a superhero that the Marvel Universe doesn’t support, so much as tolerate. Or maybe’s it’s just because he’s one of the few schizophrenic superheroes in existence. 

    Add all the best parts of different superheroes and you're still just left with a mentally disturbed guy.

    But, I digress from the actual review. Moon Knight is written by Brian Michael Bendis (famous for doing everything in Marvel lately) and drawn by Alex Maleev (Daredevil). I started reading and was happy with what I found: Marc Spector has moved to Los Angeles, creating a television show based on his life. At the same time, he has declared himself the protector of the city. As I read, I wonder if his schizophrenia had been done away with. By the end of the first issue, it was revealed that Moon Knight is imagining Wolverine, Spiderman, and Captain America. Echo, another very minor character, acts as Marc’s love interest. The comic is well paced and only four issues in!

  2.    Daredevil- Spinning out of Daredevil’s fall in Shadowlands and his later redemption comes the new series of Daredevil. At only two issues, this series has been absolutely brilliant. The two sides of Matt Murdock are starting to jar since Matt Murdock was revealed to be Daredevil. His life as a vigilante affects his life as a lawyer as he constantly attempts to say it was all a misunderstanding. This is a much less broody and depressed Daredevil than readers have seen with other writers (*cough* Frank Miller *cough*). The writing and art (done by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera)are  great and the fight scenes are absolutely terrific. Go get this NOW.
  3.   Captain America- Since Cap (that’s Steve Rogers, NOT Bucky) has been back, he has been on the move. After kicking Norman Osborn’s ass in Siege, he’s been busy leading the Secret Avengers, hunting dinosaurs with Cyclops in the Savage Lands and appearing here, there, and everywhere. And finally he has his own series that is helmed by the excellent criminal writer Ed Brubaker, the man known for writing The Death of Captain America. The good Captain is back in full swing and battling baddies from his past. They’re dealing with Baron Zemo, a soldier codenamed Bravo, and some kid named Johnny Jupiter that could move people across dream worlds. The dream world thing feels out of place and seems like it’d be better placed in X-men comics. All in all, I’m giving this comic a few more issues to decide how dedicated to it I’ll be.
  4.  The Punisher-At the time of writing, issue #2 has yet to hit the stores. And frankly (no pun intended), issue #1 was a bit of a letdown. I am a HUGE Garth Ennis Punisher fan, so I’m comparing Greg Rucka’s new run to Ennis’ first issue.

    Everybody else is seeing Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, right? It can't just be me.

    In Rucka’s, we spend a majority of the issue following two cops investigating a murder at a mob wedding (how are all mass mob killing not pinned on Frank instantly?!). Then, after pages and pages of reading, the Punisher finally shows up on the last three pages. This isn’t how you write a first issue! Ennis started his run by having Frank set up a Gatling gun to mow down HUNDREDS of Mobsters attending a Don’s birthday party! That is something that will draw you into a Punisher book, not some Se7en-esque cop duo investigating while the Punisher plays a side role. I’ll give this series another few issues to see what happens and if nothing happens, I’ll just return to worship at the altar of Ennis.

  5.   FF-I’ve never been a furiously fanatic follower of the Fantastic Four (yay for alliteration). But when the “3” storyline rolled around this summer, I was on the edge of my seat to see which of the legendary heroes was going to go down in battle. I was dismayed when it turned out to be The Human Torch. With his death, came the end of the Fantastic Four and the start of The Future Foundation AKA FF, Reed Richard’s philanthropic organization to better the world with his scientific breakthroughs. Spiderman replaces the Human Torch, Reed’s Dad shows up from being lost in time, and Dr. Doom joins up. And then they start talking about a cure for The Thing. ARE THEY STILL GOING ON ABOUT THAT!?!?! It’s been fifty years! Even when he gets cured, he turns back!!! It’s just infuriating. But, I digress. What really seemed to be missing from this comic was the heart of it all. And not even a fan favorite like Spiderman can replace it. I might pick up the rest of the series in trades someday but for now I’ve stopped buying the monthly issues.

Their costumes are just way too freaking white.

 Well, that wraps it up for Marvel’s relaunched titles. Check back in the oncoming months because Uncanny X-men will soon be ending (hopefully, I won’t cry) and will give birth to two new series: Uncanny X-men and Wolverine and the X-men.


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