iOS Games Review - Tiny Tower, GameDev Story, Tower Defense: Lost Earth

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As our day-to-day lives become every increasingly busy, our time becomes more and more precious to us. Combine this with the increase in popularity of the mobile gaming platform, it gives gamers a chance to have a short gaming de-stress while on the go. I’ve picked three of my favorite mobile games on the iOS platform to give you a quick short review on each:

GameDev Story

When working hard your workers will be "on fire"

Have you ever wondered what it would it would be like to run your own video games company? Well GameDev Story from Kairosoft offers you the chance to find out. You begin your story as a small developer of PC only titles and as time passes and more and more consoles are released you are able to expand you studio to build bigger and better games, and eventually your own console.

This game is a management sim at best and has a decent sense of humour as it goes about it, making fun of the larger companies with consoles like Whoops (Wii), PlayStatus (PlayStation), and Microx 480 (Xbox 360). The game offers its users a challenge in trying to find the right combination of type game with the right style of game (i.e. Shooter and Historical) with the obvious real world choices not always working.

The game really is one where you can play it through a number of times to help you unlock more and more content, however once you have “beaten” the game by building the best console on the market there is not a lot else to do other than restart and begin it all over again


Tiny Tower

Watch as tiny pixel people live their lives

Set in the vein of Sim Tower, Tiny Tower sees you try to build up a large skyscraper which has multiple types of outlets within the building. With each new floor you add to the building you can add in further outlets of varying types such as retail, recreation, food, amenities, and residential areas all for your inhabitants to enjoy.

As a game goes this is quite enjoyable and is good for gamers who like a little quick game while on the go, as this game really isn’t meant to be played for more than five minutes at a time. The game uses real world time to carry out your instructions (i.e. restocking of shops or building of new outlets). While this can be sped up using mico-transactions via the purchase of “bucks” you can earn these over time for free just by playing the game.

To keep you involved within the game, it will send you notifications when your orders have been completed, ensuring that you keep logging back in to check on your tower even when you would have forgotten to do so. As a free to play game, this is a good “line buster” as you can pick up, play, instruct, and wait in an almost turn-based management sim kind of way and it being free-to-play, how can you not have this installed?

Tower Defense: Lost Earth

Stop the aliens as they try to break through your wall of guns

Tower Defense: Lost Earth is one of the many tower defense games that has popped up over the last few years in an effort to grab users attention as they try to defends their own piece of land against an oncoming horde of enemies. Enter Com2uS to the game floor.

Here you defend your bunker on a hostile planet against wave, after wave, after wave of various types of enemies supported with various types of turrets and towers which all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The game has a quick learning curve to give you a chance to really get into the game fast, but once you have all the towers it soon becomes all about where and what type of towers that you place that affects the outcome of the level, and the game will punish you for making a wrong move.

As enjoyable as the game is the game has a one major downfall for myself and that is the effect that it has on the battery life of the iPhone, even when running this solely on my 3GS I can see the power gauge decreasing about 5% for each 10-15 minute session.

Overall this is a good game if you’ve got a little longer to spend gaming on your phone, just remember to keep your charger handy.





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