Allow me to introduce you to… ME!!!

Let me start this, my introductory column, as the newest contributing writer, here at, by saying this… It’s WEIRD writing about myself!

James "Status" Eaddy

OK, now that I got that part out of the way, allow me to introduce myself, to all you folks out there, on the interwebs! My name is James “Status” Eaddy. For those who may know me, from any of the various websites I’m known to fool around on, “statustheking” or “Status TheKing” probably ring a bell.

I’d like to take a moment, to get my new readers up to speed, with what I intend to do around here at Nerd Vice… you know, besides just talking, trash, taking up space,  and using flowery language. I’ve been brought on board, primarily, to review, write about, and talk about comics, with and for all you folks, among other things. Every Wednesday, I’ll be bringing you a weekly comic book review. I hope to give my thoughts and personal insights on all sorts of books in this feature - from Marvel and DC, of course, but I will also be reviewing some independent titles and comics from smaller publishers, such as Icon, Dynamite, Image, IDW, Zenescope, etcetera, as well. As I get more into the swing of things around here, and I’m comfortable enough to write to you guys while in my underwear, I’m sure things will get even more refined.  For instance, I may review a Marvel book one week, a DC book another week, an indie book another week, and do a personal favorite, of mine, the fourth week. Perhaps, I can even get you all out there, off the sidelines and into the game, eventually, and I can take YOUR recommendations for my review one week out of the month, or maybe even let you guys and gals vote on what I should review that week. I won’t get too ahead of myself, but those are some of my initial big ideas, for my weekly review column. So, I hope all you Nerd Vicers come hangout with me every Wednesday, and have some fun, while I review some of yours and my favorite titles.

In addition to my weekly comic book review, I will also be doing a bi-weekly feature, on another comic book/comic book industry related topic. This is the column, of mine, that will be a bit more wide open, as far as what I’ll be covering. I may write about the next big Marvel or DC event story, or I may write about the next big comic-con I plan on attending or just finished attending. Anything will be game in this bi-weekly feature, as long as it’s comic book related.


Now, for a little more about the writer… that would be me. I am from Southern New Jersey, but I have resided in Philadelphia since 2004. I am an avid sports fan, of basketball and futbol especially… Go Sixers and Union!! I’m a huge music lover, and a former (current?) rap artist, in my own right. I’m a big time lover of films of all sorts, especially ones based on comic books and superheroes, but I also love a good suspense thriller, comedy, or drama; I love movies based on true stories and/or historical events, as well. I don’t watch much television, but when I do, it’s usually sports, cartoons, or something to feed my brain; I watch lots of documentaries and programs, on those educational channels, most of us used to find dull, as kids. I like to collect stuff! I collect swords, sneakers, and have begun to dabble in action figure collecting, and, of course, I collect comics. You can also catch me at cons cosplaying, as my favorite character, Deadpool! Obviously, comic books and graphic novels are some of my favorite things to read, but I also like to read those other things, with all the pages and the thick bindings and whatnot… what is it people used to call ‘em… oh yeah, books!

I’d also like to take a quick second here at the end of this, my first column, to thank Vira Gunn, for bringing a brotha on board. I’d like to thank my family, for well, being my family; love you guys! I can’t forget to send a special shout out, to a few of my friends and fellow scribes, Diana Mejía, Jeremy A. Riley, and Connie Shultz; thank you all for the advice, the shop talk, idea sharing, and for inspiring me, with your talents, determination, and encouragement, to be all the writer I can be.

James “Status” Eaddy is a freelance writer and, along with Joe’l Williams, is also the co-creator and writer of the upcoming comic book property and characters “The StreetKeepers”.

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James “STATUS” Eaddy is a freelance writer, who enjoys Readin’, Writin’, and Doin’ Stuff! Along with Joe’l Williams, he is also the co-creator and writer of, the upcoming comic book property and characters, “The StreetKeepers”.